In my last post, I mentioned that there were two people in the world whose loss I didn’t think I could handle. Now one of them has COVID.

Amy was over for my birthday the week before she tested positive, so I had to quarantine and got tested for the fifth time. Negative. The tests are also getting easier with practice. But then my aunt tested positive for COVID and my dad and Marvin had had dinner with her two days before, so we extended our quarantine.

Suddenly, the covid-deniers and anti-maskers are no longer pitiful or annoying. They’re infuriating. We could have ended this by now, been back to our normal routines, saved the economy, saved lives, but they’re content to spread doubt, misinformation, and the virus itself. I no longer have the patience for “civil discourse”. I’m not going to “open my mind” to conspiracy theories with no merit and an abundance of counter-evidence. Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed for those people. But mostly, I’m just done.

Our province isn’t doing very well with COVID. Our premier is MIA and we’ve had more confirmed cases in the last day than Ontario has, despite being a province of 4 mil people while Ontario has 14 mil. Someone said our positive tests are coming in at 8% but I haven’t done the math on that.

There is one good thing happening today, which is that a movie I’m in is premiering in Canada and the UK tonight. It’s called Meet Me At Christmas and it’s on the W Network in Canada, Christmas24 in the UK, and has already premiered but might air again in the US on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. If you’ve got one of those channels, keep an eye out for it!

Luke and Lorette both blinked, but otherwise this is a good picture.
Some BTS. The sets were absolutely beautiful.

While being stuck inside, I’ve started streaming on Twitch. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a platform that allows people to watch streamers—people who are live in online video, often doing something like playing games—and watchers can comment in real-time and interact with the streamer they’re watching. My channel is called PrecariousIvy so if you’re bored, you can come and chat with me while I’m stuck in quarantine.

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