Places To Go Bucket List II

Way back in January when this blog was a mere two months old, I wrote one of my most popular blog posts ever: Places To Go Bucket List. The list consisted of ten places, but I only really went into the first few, which I have checked off. Since then, the list has changed a bit, and I figured I’d finish explaining why I’ve chosen these places for my list.

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One Last Grand Tour

I woke up at 6am on a Sunday morning. I think the woman I was sharing the hostel room with was pissed off at me, but from what I could tell, she had somewhere to be pretty early, too. Still, I completely understand not wanting to wake up to the sound of someone else’s alarm clock.

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High, from Paris

I love heights.

Am I afraid of them? Sure, I guess I have that healthy dose of fear that tells me to step away from an edge. But it never stops me from getting as close to the edge as possible. In fact, I don’t think I would love heights so much if I didn’t have that little fear inside. It’s what makes the “nice view” into something more. I guess you could say heights are my high.

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Paris Day 11: One Last Hurrah


Today we went for lunch on a Seine River cruise. We had good food as we passed a bunch of the famous landmarks, some that we’ve visited, others that we haven’t. There was live music and lots of wine and people waving from the sidewalks by the river. It felt very fancy. Continue reading “Paris Day 11: One Last Hurrah”

Paris Day 9: *Sigh*

Today was full of disappointments.

To begin with, it was a Sunday. Everything’s closed on Sundays. But you know, the morning started out alright. I woke up before Sarah so order has been restored, and we had some perfect croissants for breakfast. I didn’t know croissants could be perfect until I had mine this morning. Continue reading “Paris Day 9: *Sigh*”

Paris Day 7: Fancy Schmancy

I’m starting this late, just because I got distracted by the internet. That’s my only excuse.

It was sunny for five minutes today. Outfit: Converse shoes, dress and jacket from TopShop, black stockings from anywhere, same bag as usual.

I started late this morning, too. We went to L’Arc de Triomphe today. I can’t believe it took us a week to see something so monumental. Truthfully, though, maybe I’ve just seen too many pictures of it or something, but I wasn’t too impressed. It’s huge, and distracts drivers at a busy intersection that gets so many accidents that there’s a rule that all damages are split equally, no matter who’s fault it is.

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