I got a midi skirt. After it arrived, I realized I had no idea how to wear a midi skirt. I had a challenge on my hands, and it was a challenge I was ready to take on.

Look at that sass.

I had some fun taking pictures of this outfit, as you can kind of tell.

The skirt (YesStyle) felt a little 1800s, so I spruced it up with a crop top (Forever 21), my sneakers (Converse). One I had the basics down, I added my new pair of club-master sunglasses (YesStyle), my hat and my thin jacket (both Aritzia).

My hair was newly washed and slick straight naturally. I added some sea salt spray to give it some texture. My makeup wasn’t too heavy, but it wasn’t too light either. More of an even balance. I went for gold and brown eyeshadow (Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay) for the warm effect, and used a satin lip pencil (NARS) which I got for free at Sephora for my birthday. It looked pink, but when I put it on it was actually more of a rusty red colour. Loved it. Here’s a better look at my hair and makeup:

Ignore the blur. It’s just hiding a mess.

With it’s mid-lenth, plaid, and fullness, the skirt already had a Parisian sense to it. Then the crop top said Paris France on it, so on the whole it looked Parisian. I will definitely be wearing this look in May when I go to Paris!

It takes some confidence to pull off, especially for someone short like me. For example, here’s what it looks like in the safety of my dorm room versus what it looks like when I’m self-conscious in public:

IMG_3547 IMG_3549See what I mean?

Would you wear this outfit in public? What would you change? Comment below!


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