Outfit of the Week: Bodysuit Bombshell

Calgary has found itself in another deep freeze. January can be dreary like that. I think one of the best ways to beat the dreariness is by looking good. I subscribe to the idea that if you look good, you feel good. So in cold weather, what better way to stay warm than to look smoking hot?


Enter long-sleeved bodysuits. Bodysuits are making a bit of a comeback lately and I am happily hopping on the bandwagon. They’re skin-tight which makes them easy to layer and easy to tuck in.


Today I wore a flower print bodysuit from Garage with black skinny jeans from TopShop, and my cozy coat from Urban Outfitters. In terms of accessories, I’m wearing my “Bad Hair Day” toque (forget where I got that, I think at a shoe store. Also, TBT my first-ever OOTW), choker and necklace from Brandy Melville (you may recognize it from way back), and my charm bracelet, finally fixed. I think it’s been broken since before I even started this blog, so this’ll be the first time I’d have put it into an Outfit post. The charms are from Zellers from before it went kaput, and the chain is from The Bay. Last but not least, some familiar Steve Madden boots.

For makeup, I kept a very basic eye look and went bold for the lips with a blood red to match the roses. A bit of a Snow White look, but scarier.


A friend saw me in this outfit today and called me a wandering heartbreaker which I think is accurate.

Let me know what you think below! Would you wear it? What would you change?

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Author: precariouswriter

I live in Calgary, Canada where I was born and raised, but I lived in Winchester, England for three years while in university. When I was fourteen, I decided there weren’t enough books in the world and set out to make more. Since then, I’ve been writing non-stop and aim to work in the book industry. I have two blogs: PrecariousWriter.com is my personal blog where I'll write about anything. PrecariousReader.com is book and writing-related posts including reviews, poems, short stories and articles.

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