Outfit of the Week: The Parisian

I got a midi skirt. After it arrived, I realized I had no idea how to wear a midi skirt. I had a challenge on my hands, and it was a challenge I was ready to take on.

Look at that sass.

I had some fun taking pictures of this outfit, as you can kind of tell.

Layered Outfits for the English Winter

I have an essay to do for tomorrow, but since I haven’t exhausted every means of procrastination, here’s a blog post.

I took some pictures of my friends because they had awesome outfits, but I never really knew how to make it into a blog post. It’s an Anything Goes Sunday, so I’ll just put them here.


(#10) Weeklies

Maybe I should stop doing these Weeklies? I dunno. But hey, double digits! *high five*

So let’s see what I’ve been loving lately.

IMG_3513Chinese New Year is awesome (or as my mom’s family likes to call it, “Vietnamese New Year”). That was this week. At home, there’s always a party at my grandparents’ house and all the parents give the kids money in exchange for good wishes for the new year. Here, however, my friend’s family and friends visit and she invites a few of her friends (me included) for dinner. Dinner is always delicious, and then we get money just because it’s new year. Am I missing anything? Oh! We’re supposed to wear bright colours. The picture to the left is what I wore. You’re supposed to wear brand new clothes for the brand new year, but I wore my old jeans. But the top I only got the day before at New Look. Bright enough? I tried to tone it down for the rest of the outfit with just grey jeans and a grey jacket.


Wow, so a lot of people liked my Bucket List, huh? I’ve never really talked about my bucket list before because it wasn’t really a typical bucket list. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I fully intend to jump out of a plane at some point in my life. But things I’ve thought about doing have just been thoughts. It’s the actual places that I’ve organized into a list, and I’m so glad you guys have responded well to it!

The response also makes me feel kind of bad for not posting yesterday. I have no excuse…unless you count taking a 3 hour nap and doing a Project Runway marathon an excuse. I’ve never seen Project Runway before this weekend and I can tell you pretty confidently that it will find its way to this week’s Weeklies.

Why Spend More?

Recently I’ve wondered what it is that makes people willing to spend more money for clothes when there are tons of stores out there that offer clothes at a far lower price. The focus of this question is Aritzia, the women’s clothing store. Everything there has been on sale recently, which I’ve taken advantage of on more than one occasion, but even their sale prices are on the high end. A hat costs $14 on sale, and the original price is $30. A similar hat can be found at Forever 21 for $11.90. What makes people pay for the more expensive hat?

How To Go Christmas Shopping

Don’t. Just stay home and drink hot chocolate happily knowing you ordered everything online a month ago. Otherwise you’ll end up with less than a week until Christmas and less than half your list checked off, like me. And you’ll be cursing your own stupidity as you navigate a crowded mall and wait in crazy mile-long lines because this could all have been avoided.