Outfit of the Week: Cozy Cutie

Unbelievable. I’ve just realized I haven’t done an Outfit Of The Week since April. I mean, sure I had a busy summer, but I’ve had some awesome outfits and I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you guys in six months! Not to worry, I am here with a new Outfit Of The Week!

I call this the Cozy Cutie. Because my new coat from Urban Outfitters is cozy af and I’m cute, so there.

An Incomplete Room Tour

This post will mostly be a simple gallery of what my room looked like right before I left. I still haven’t got art on the walls and the desk is missing a drawer because Ikea gave us the wrong screws (they screwed us, hehe), but other than those few things, I’m pretty happy with it. Perhaps I’ve got a career in interior design…

Outfit of the Week: Off-Duty Cheerleader

IMG_3760A plain black t-shirt and denim with a pair of sneakers has been a classic outfit for decades. Upgrade the classic outfit for 2015 by having a black crop-top (New Look) in place of the t-shirt and high-waisted short-shorts (New Look) for the denim. The belt was from New Look and the sneakers are my usual black Converse.

As you can see, I tried this outfit with two different hairstyles, each changing the look dramatically.