This post will mostly be a simple gallery of what my room looked like right before I left. I still haven’t got art on the walls and the desk is missing a drawer because Ikea gave us the wrong screws (they screwed us, hehe), but other than those few things, I’m pretty happy with it. Perhaps I’ve got a career in interior design…

Because Ikea is cheap, I got most things there, including the bed, mattress, and curtains. My cactus and fake vine plant as well as both pots are also from Ikea, but the grass plant is from a local flower shop for $3.


The faux sheepskin is from Ikea and adds texture. The sheets and pillows were from Walmart and the double-sided duvet cover and matching pillowcases were from Urban Outfitters. I found the metallic throw pillows at a HomeSense. The window shadow almost serves as its own art here. I might not ever put anything there and just enjoy the shadows. My dad would be glad not to put any more holes in the wall.


A lot of my room is monochrome, which I find calming, but the plants and these fake flowers from HomeSense keep things bright, along with the mirror (also HomeSense). If I ever get bored, I can flip my duvet and the flowers will match the other side. Both my lamps are from Urban Outfitters.


My night table is actually a plant stand that I found at Target. I have a lot of mirrored surfaces and metallics because my room is small and they make it bigger and brighter. The Ikea art will be hung when I get back. I’ve been to nearly all the metro stations it names.


This last pic is from a little bit before I took the others. As I’ve said before, the closet system is from Ikea as is the mirror, and the bull head which I named Terry is from HomeSense.

If you have any suggestions for what I should do with the blank space over my bed, or any questions about anything here, comment below!


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