Gallery of Apollo at the Louvre Museum

Sarah and I decided we’d take the morning off, since walking non-stop for the past three days has left us (mostly the feet part) feeling a little tired. We decided that, but only Sarah really took a break.

I couldn’t help it. When I’m somewhere exciting, I wake up, get ready, leave, and don’t come back until sundown. Today I reigned myself in. Good thing, too, because I don’t think my feet would have been able to take it. Still, while Sarah slept in and then stayed in our room a bit longer, I went down for breakfast and went to the supermarket for soap. See? Reigned in.

At around noon, we finally left for real and went to a post office to find stamps for some postcards Sarah wanted to send. I don’t send postcards; I make blog posts. Then we got new tickets at the Metro station and we were off.

Our first stop today? The Louvre.

I don’t know what this means, but it was a tiny card at the base of some stairs that led to the Nike of Samothrace statue. I spotted a couple and I just thought that it they were interesting. Someone took the time to design and make these little cards and put them where no one will really notice and they say something no one really understands, but they worked hard on it anyway. I think it’s kind of nice.

The enormous world-famous museum was once a palace and is now trampling grounds for eager tourists who want to check the Mona Lisa off their bucket lists, even though it wouldn’t really be famous if it weren’t stolen by a handyman and deemed so unimportant that no one even noticed it was gone for two days. By the way, I did see it and it deserves all the fame it’s got because Leonardo Da Vinci is a freakin’ genius and the Mona Lisa proves it. It was gorgeous.

If you want to see pictures of any of the art I mention, just Google them. You’ll probably get better detail from there than from anything I would’ve gotten from behind the crowds of tourists. What I did take pictures of were the odd things. Little bits and pieces that don’t normally find their way onto an article. I’ve said it before: this is my blog and I can put whatever the hell I want on here. So here are the (rest of the) pictures I took.

I’m a fan of the Psyche and Cupid love story and have been for a while, so it was good to see the many depictions of the couple. I also liked the “Selfie Statue” which I can’t find a real name for.

My selfie with the “Selfie Statue” which I swear has a real name, I just don’t know it.

As beautiful as the Mona Lisa is–and it really was even more than I expected–what I found even more amusing than her smile was the crowd in front of her. If people lined up like that to see a picture of me, I’d smile the same way, too.

The glass panel on the left is where the Mona Lisa is. Forget about the other amazing pieces of art in the room, all eyes were on her.

Then there’s this statue of a scribe which proves being a writer was precarious torture looong before I started doing it.

That’s a quill in his right hand.

By the end of our three-hour tour (I highly recommend getting a tour, especially when it’s your first time and you don’t know where anything is) Sarah and I were exhausted. We had dinner in the Carrousel du Louvre, which is basically a shopping mall, and then we returned to our hostel and spent the remainder of our day resting our very tired feet.

But on the way back I realized I hadn’t taken a picture with my entire outfit in it to show you guys. So we stopped at a pair of royal blue french doors so we could do just that.


Nice contrast, huh? The oxfords, midi skirt, and shirt are from New Look, the purse the same as Saturday, and the watch from TopShop. À demain!


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