This is sort of a continuation of my last post, Room Makeover: A Personal Touch. So check that out first, if you want.

Since I first left for England for university, before I even began this blog, I’ve kept little things. When I started, I thought I might scrapbook them or something, but turns out I don’t really like scrapbooking. I prefer writing my memories for people to read rather than crafting away in a personal book, and I’d rather display my memories somewhere I can see then rather than hide them in pages on a shelf to get dusty on. That’s just me.


There are a few categories my little knick-knacks fall into: Tokens from my travelling, pieces from my acting work, pictures of family and friends, stubs from adventures, and scraps from my daily life, what it was or is.

Not all of them are on my wall or in this post. Some were too big, some were too heavy, some are somewhere else. But in the same way this blog has been running over some of the biggest turning-points of my life, these trinkets are representative of events, places, times, and people who have formed who I am now.

So enjoy.


Ticket stub from the Louvre Museum.

Ticket stub from my trip to Oxford.

Ticket stub from Globalfest, a local fireworks festival.


A polaroid from the wrap party of one of my first ever short films, A Perception of Prudence.

A fake $20 bill from the set of Summer’s Monster.

Photo booth pictures from the New Central Library in Calgary with my sibs.


A ticket stub from L’Arc de Triomphe.

The location of a fictional place from SC, my big bad book.

A ticket stub from my rooftop tour of Notre Dame.


A souvenir bill from the Catacombs of Paris.

Extra stamps leftover from England.

The receipt from my visit to the City Museum in Winchester.


A polaroid with family.

A ticket stub from a museum, not sure which but I’ll update this when I figure it out. (It’s Musée Carnavalet.)

A luggage sticker from one of my flights to England for university, either 2nd or 3rd year.


A fake note from the plays I did at Heritage Park last year.

A train ticket receipt from my trip to Manchester (or rather, Wigan).

My old London Oyster card.


More leftover stamps from England.

A note from the director of A Ragtime Christmas on our closing night.

A train ticket from that time I ran away to Paris.


And that’s it. A glimpse of what my life has been over the last five years.


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