Last night wasn’t fun. Sarah went to sleep while I still worked on yesterday’s blog post and checked Facebook and stuff. Around midnight I finally went to bed…and then the neighbours across the hall came into their room, talking and laughing very loudly. I figured they’d quiet down in a few minutes, but they didn’t, and then the neighbours above us came stomping in. After a while, I thought I’d just get used to it, and then our next door neighbours started arguing about something very loudly. And then some drunk guys were yelling outside our window that always sounds like it’s open even when it isn’t, and someone was snoring very loudly, and then there was me, lying in bed, whispering all the french curse words I know. (I know two, but I can put them into some creative contexts.)

I don’t know when I actually fell asleep, but this morning was the first time Sarah has woken up before me. My streak is over, I suppose.

This is Sarah at dinner on the day we arrived.


So we had a late morning and I forgot my camera, but it’s okay because we didn’t do much. Our first stop was the post office so Sarah could send her postcards. Then we went to a nearby café/bar armed with our notebooks and pens and ordered drinks and wrote a while. Afterwards, we walked a bit and found a spa/nail salon place and Sarah got a massage while I got a manicure. After that ordeal–which was nice and all but my nails look worse now than they did before, but at least Sarah got a great massage–we had lunch.

We returned to the hostel to drop some things off and get my camera, and then we were off to see Moulin Rouge which isn’t that far away.

In front of the Moulin Rouge. Outfit: Converse Shoes, New Look Playsuit, sunglasses and bag can be found in my Paris Day 1 post.

It was pretty boring. I guess these kinds of things are meant more for “the male gaze” and stuff. The surrounding shops and stuff were all sex-based things and there was even an Erotica Museum, which I’m not that surprised about actually. I hope we aren’t running out of places to go only 4 days in.

Just a random Paris street because I felt like this post needed more pictures.


We walked far enough away from the erotic hub for the stores to stop having women’s breasts in their windows. We even found a museum with art and things from the Romantic Era, which was also a bit boring, but better. It was free, too. Score.

Around the corner and up the road from the Romantic Museum was a Patisserie where we stopped to get some sweet stuff. Sarah got chocolate mousse and I tried something that was like plain yogurt with thick fruit jam that tasted like candy at the bottom. It was pretty good, but I forgot to take a picture.

I feel like I should start keeping a tally of how many museums, churches, and patisseries I’ve visited while here. Let’s see…

Museums: Day 1 (1), Day 2 (1), Day 3 (1), Day 4 (1) TOTAL: 4

Churches: Day 1 (2), Day 2 (1) TOTAL: 3

Patisseries: Arrival Day (2), Day 4 (1) TOTAL: 3

Huh. A museum a day? Seems a bit pretentious if you ask me. But at the same time, that might be a streak I can keep up. (Sarah’s asleep next to me as I write this, so I doubt I’ll be awake before her tomorrow, too.)

We returned to our hostel for a few hours, then went looking for dinner. We walked far away, this time. We didn’t even notice until on the way back we walked ten blocks before we could see our hostel again. But we had some really good Turkish food for dinner and it was well worth the walk for the Baklava alone.

All these pictures are taking a really long time to load because the wifi isn’t that great, so I’m going to post this now and go to sleep. If you come back in 24 hours, I’ll probably have the pictures up by then. Later!


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