We climbed 387 steps to the top of Notre Dame, and that was only to the top. The view was killer.

My statue impression with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

The wait was even longer than the catacombs, and it was cold all morning and most of the afternoon while we just stood there. I even wore a really cute pair of shorts, which was fine when walking, but while standing still, they did nothing to protect me from the wind. Genius. But we had crèpes, the view was amazing, and so was getting to see architectural details of the cathedral, so it was worth it.

In front of Notre Dame there was this bread festival going on that’s been up for days now. We took a peek.


Afterwards, I practically dragged Sarah to yet another visit at Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore where I sat writing in a room full of books on a comfy couch next to a sweet cat which I pet every once in a while. We stayed until Sarah got so bored she didn’t even care about the cat anymore. Sorry, Sarah. I did get several pages written, though.

We weren’t supposed to take pics inside the store (I found out later), but hopefully the cat won’t sue.

Outside the store was a guy with a typewriter offering written stuff for other stuff. I asked for a poem about travelling and got a poem that got pretty dark in the span of five lines, but I like it. My parents would be a bit taken aback, though. I think I’ll put it somewhere people can see it, but can’t read it.


Then we had lunch and went shopping. Sarah got a really cute flower crown and I got a hat at TopShop that’s just a bit too big for me, but that seems to be the way with hats and me. I guess I’ve got a small head or something? I like it anyway. The shirt and shorts I wore were from Forever 21 which I got yesterday. I swear I’m not just going to stores I can find in Canada, I’m looking in French stores, too.


Today, with the writing and the shopping and on the way back to the hostel we knew everyone and went to dinner where they knew us…it feels almost like we live here and we’re not just here on vacation. It’s a great feeling, but I know it’s not true because living here would mean a job and expenses and stuff. But hey, that’s why vacations are what they are, right?

We enjoyed some macarons in our room as a good end to a good day.


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