Today was full of disappointments.

To begin with, it was a Sunday. Everything’s closed on Sundays. But you know, the morning started out alright. I woke up before Sarah so order has been restored, and we had some perfect croissants for breakfast. I didn’t know croissants could be perfect until I had mine this morning.

Look at how perfect that croissant is. It’s so freakin’ perfect-looking! It it weren’t also perfect-smelling and perfect-tasting, I would’ve framed it! Instead, I ate it.

We got lost on our way to our tour meeting place which was nothing new to us (which you’d know if you’ve been reading from the beginning), but found a nice little market that we took a look at.

Gold flakes and everything! So fancy!

We found the place to meet for the Macaron & Patisserie Tour which we were excited about. We looked inside a patisserie (that’s another two today) but we were an hour early so we went to a nearby church where there was this big fountain.

Sarah and I really wanted to play in that fountain. Unfortunately, we were confined by social constructs. Outfit: Hat-TopShop, Dress-Forever21, Shoes-Converse, Necklace-Naf Naf, Watch-TopShop, Sunglasses-Winchester Local Shop, Bag-Paris Local Shop

Then I wrote a bit and we walked around a bit and I wrote some more. At the time to meet up for the tour, we were the only ones there. We waited for half-an-hour, but it seemed the tour wasn’t going to happen and we hadn’t been told about it. This has happened before, on Day 1 at Grand Rex Cinema. It was annoying.

Luxembourg Gardens: A lot less grass and flowers than I expected, but nice nonetheless.

To try and keep the day from being boring, we went to the nearby Luxembourg Gardens. We’d brought our notebooks, so we each found a place to sit and we wrote for a while before leaving.

If you look closely, you might be able to see the penis on the statue in the background. Such a nice place to write.

From there, we weren’t sure what else to do. We both felt like just going back to the hostel, so we did. We just sat in our room with the window open, laughing about stuff on the internet and talking about periods like it was a slumber party or something. It was nice.

I feel like the green wall provides opportunity for photoshop creativity in the future.

We went for sushi because Sarah hasn’t really had it before. A guy named Liddell (I hope that’s spelled right) came in with his son and started talking with us. He told us we picked the best place for sushi in the world (I mean, it was good, but not that good) and we talked about travelling and stuff. Sarah and I weren’t sure what to make of it, but he was nice and even offered to take our picture. We also got smoothies, but they tasted bad. Note to self: A sushi place isn’t bound to have great smoothies.

Then we returned to our room and did nothing for the rest of the day, like the adventurous travellers we are.


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