I think I put off writing this post because I couldn’t bring myself to write the title with double digits. Has it been ten days already? Our trip is almost over!


Yesterday was good, but Sarah and I didn’t do any touristy stuff. Instead we went shopping. I told my sister I’d get her something from Paris for her birthday, so we went hunting for her present first. After that, we looked around at other shops and took the metro to random stations to explore a bit. At one point, we didn’t really know where we were until we turned a corner and realized we were twenty feet away from the Shakespeare & Co. bookshop. In an attempt to resist temptation, Sarah did not go in. I did, and found a seat in the old books section (for quiet reading and writing) with my notebook next to the cat, who’s name, I discovered, was “Kitty”.

After writing and petting Kitty for a while (getting cat fur all over me, but I might as well get used to it before I go home to my fluff-ball of a dog during shedding season), Sarah came along and we went back downstairs to the new books section. There was some searching involved, and in the end, I found myself buying Neil Gaiman’s American Gods which was recommended to me by my friend Pat. (Pat runs his own WordPress blog, which he started not long ago. It’s about comic books and stuff and it’s pretty cool if you want to check it out here.)


I never buy new books when I’m across the pond. It’s a rule I decided on when, in my first year, I had to return to Canada with such heavy luggage that they should have charged me extra at the airport (I told the guy I had no way of weighing my suitcase at university and he took pity on me).


But I bought a book, and while I was at it, a bag. They stamped the book so that years down the line it’ll be worth more or something (I don’t know). It looks pretty cool.


After the bookstore, we did more shopping. That’s all we did. We stopped for lunch and dinner and Sarah got a banana split that was half whipped cream. When we returned to the hostel, the wifi was bad and some of the pictures from yesterday still haven’t loaded.


I also realized that I’d only taken four pictures the entire day and they were all of food. You can clearly see where my priorities lie.


Here’s the tally board:

Museums: 6

Churches: 3

Patisseries: 6

Shakespeare Bookshop: 4


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