Today we went for lunch on a Seine River cruise. We had good food as we passed a bunch of the famous landmarks, some that we’ve visited, others that we haven’t. There was live music and lots of wine and people waving from the sidewalks by the river. It felt very fancy.

Notre Dame
Pont de Alexandre III
Pont de Alexandre III with some palace behind it.
Oldest bridge in Paris
People on an island
Two bridges
The Statue of Liberty. Some say it’s waving to it’s New York City counterpart.
Notre Dame
L’institut de France
L’Assemblée Nationale

Afterwards, we just went back to our room and didn’t leave again except for dinner. In the evening, we were watching Ratatouille while eating macaroons and people were throwing stuff at our window. Don’t know why. Maybe they had bad aim. Maybe they had some illness that caused muscle spasms. Maybe they wanted Sarah and I to check out the commotion outside our window in our PJs. But I read about Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution, so I didn’t do that. They stopped eventually.

IMG_4066 IMG_4062

All in all, this trip has been amazing.  I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 followers! That’s awesome. You guys are awesome.

If you want to check out our Paris trip from Sarah’s point of view, you can do so by clicking here to go to her blog, Super Novaturient.

As a celebratory gift (sort of) for you guys, I’ve made some of my best pictures of Paris available to look at/buy here. If there were any pictures in my posts that you guys particularly liked, you can  tell me below and I can make those available online, too.

I won’t be done travelling for another few days, but this concludes the Paris portion. Thanks for following along with me!


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