This week, I’ve chosen to keep it simple. After all, what good is finding a cute outfit on a blog if it’s not something you’ll ever wear?

I’ve been loving the 90s vibes that trends seem to be drifting towards in time for school to start again. A lot of trends, like tattoo chokers, overalls, and scrunchies, are things I remember wearing as a kid. I’ve missed those trends while they were gone, but now they’re coming back and bringing with them a strong sense of nostalgia.


The sunglasses are from a little shop in Winchester. I wear them in my outfits so much that I feel like a broken record saying that again, but oh well.

The choker is from New Look. I’ve been wearing that a lot lately, too. I love it because it’s a cheap and chic piece of jewellery that happens to be nickel-free.

The t-shirt I got at Brandy Melville. I’ve never worn anything from Brandy Melville before, but I liked the words on this shirt and the fabric is really soft, so I figured I’d try them out.

These skinnies are the high-waisted Leigh jeans from TopShop. I’ve had them for over a year now and they still seem like new.

The boots are Steve Madden. These have been everywhere with me and I love them so much that if ever they fall apart from being worn all the time, I might just go and get an identical pair to replace them. I’ve worn them in quite a few of my outfits as well, so you may recognize them. It’s been nearly a year and they’re holding up pretty well, too.


So there you have it! Like what you see? Would you do anything different? Tell me below! I love hearing from you guys!


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