I met up with a friend for lunch today. We haven’t seen each other since before school ended back in April. It was really good to catch up, and it only took a minute for us to fall back into our old conversation habits. It was like we had last seen each other only last week or something.

I love it when I have friends with whom conversations can do that no matter how long its been. I hope our friendship will be able to stand longer than six months of not seeing each other. I hope that for a lot of the friendships I’ve made here.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to come here for three years. Not only because I’m leaving people behind, but because of this part: the leaving people behind again. I wish I could afford to come and visit everyone every summer after university but I can’t. Instead, I’m going to use the remainder of my time here to spend as much of the time I have left with friends.

Wow, I’m making it sound like I’m terminal. I’m such a drama queen. It’s not even the second semester yet. I should just shut up and go to bed. Yup, I’m going to do that now. Goodnight!


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