My First Rant (About Everything)

My computer is getting slower by the day and it is driving my crazy. Also driving me crazy? My room. I don’t have a chair for my desk so I have to bend over to use my laptop which is uncomfortable and probably bad for me. I have stuff all over the floor in an attempt to organise. My closet is still waiting for some coverage. My wall is still blank. It is not the inspiring space I wanted to spend my summer writing in. It is not a retreat in any way except that it has a door which separates me from the less-than stellar living conditions outside of it… 

Making Conversation

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the day was far from boring.

I had no class today. We were supposed to use the time to write our essays, due next week. Instead, I slept in, posted the Supergirl blog post, took a shower, had lunch, worked on developing a character for a little while (more on that later) and then realized I was running late for a job interview.

Oh yeah, I got a job offer today.