Just because I’m busy all the time doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy stuff. Here are this month’s weeklies (because let’s face it, these only ever happen every month anymore).

Music: The perfect way to start off these 21st Weeklies is with a song from Twenty One Pilots, their most famous, Stressed Out. Suitable for a lot of university students, I think.

Television: One of my friends got me started on Criminal Minds and now I can’t seem to stop. And there are eleven seasons and counting of this show, so I probably won’t be stopping for a long time. What is it about crime shows that is so interesting?

Food: I tried Jaffa Cakes for the first time this week. They’re like cookies made from cake and I must say, I approve.

By the way, if you look to the right side of this blog and maybe scroll down a bit, you’ll find some of my Instagram photos. If you click on one, you’ll go to my Instagram page where you can follow me! I’m on Twitter and Facebook, too. I put blog updates on Facebook. Twitter is just me rambling about whatever comes up. Anyway, that’s all folks!


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