As much as I like to moan and groan about how busy I am, I prefer a packed schedule to an empty one. I’ve had an empty schedule before. Well, it’s not really empty, is it? It’s just less productive, less active, lonelier. It’s still full, but it’s full of useless things. Two hours in the morning to get out of bed. Three hours to check social networking sites and emails. Four hours of television. An hour or two per meal with a book or iPod. Nothing notable happens and the days stretch like bubblegum. It’s horrible.

Knowing I always have something to do and somewhere to be is stressful, sure, but it’s motivating. I can’t stay in bed longer because I have to be up early for school or work. I can’t watch shows because I have assignments to finish. By scheduling as much as I can into my limited time, I’ve made sure I fill out at least some of my potential.

But this has it’s drawbacks, too. The obvious one being that I don’t have spare time. Or if I do, it’s usually at 1 to 3 in the morning when I have somewhere to be the next day. Things I like to do sometimes like read or paint just never happen. It’s hard to find time for things I’m supposed to do but don’t really schedule time for like writing.

Still, I’ve somehow managed to find time to blog every day for the past week, so all my excuses don’t really amount to much.


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