Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, but I celebrated with friends today instead. We got dressed up, had a ton of food, and then sat around talking until midnight.

We got to talking about what we’ll be doing this summer and where we’ll all be going. We’re going to be in different countries, although I’m the only one of us who’ll be on a different continent entirely.



It’s a lonely realization and one I’ve been trying to come to terms with since the new semester started. Last semester I could just ignore it but I’m reminded of it all the time now.

University’s almost over. I’m going a completely different geographical direction from my friends. I probably won’t be back for graduation. I probably won’t be back for a long time.

But if this is my last hurrah, I can say with confidence that I am not going to waste it.


Here’s a selfie because I did my makeup today. Happy New Year!


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