It’s surprising how busy I’ve found myself even after classes have ended. I didn’t even have the time to blog yesterday when I arrived in Bournemouth!

Unreal, isn’t it?

Bournemouth is an amazing place with the kind of sunny beaches you don’t expect to find in England. I’m staying with my friend Siân for the week. Nice of her and her family, isn’t it?


This is day two and I’ve seen the beach twice already. It’s great. Today we looked at some charity shops and then were joined by another friend and we all went went to a queer café with great milkshakes and food.


We walked along the beach and played in the sand and ocean for about four hours before returning. We made sand mountains and skipped rocks and stuff.



The days are going by quick but everything’s ending on a high note. And what’s not to love  when the day ends with this?



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