Okay, so that last post was a bit sparse.

From Tuesday to Friday, I stayed with my friend Siân in beautiful Bournemouth. As soon as I arrived, we went straight to the beach because it was sunny and the forecast for the rest of the week was pessimistic at best. We got there and I could hardly believe we were in England any more. This wasn’t the cloudy, rainy country I had come to love. This was something new and shiny. Called the sun. And the shore. It was incredible.


We walked along and eventually just sat on the sand and made sand volcanoes and twig forests for three hours while people went by with their dogs including a couple of dogs that came to sniff us out. One destroyed our forest and the other our volcano.

We did some more walking and ran into Siân’s dad walking their dogs. They’ve got adorable dogs, though I hadn’t realized until I was in a house with dogs again that I really miss Foxy.

On Day 2 we went down to town. We were going to meet up with a friend but we were a bit early so we looked in an art gallery as if it was a museum and we went clothes hunting in charity shops. Siân showed me how it’s done and I got some pretty cool pieces.


Afterwards we went to this place called Flirt which was bright and colourful and quirky. We met up with our friend Harvey there and after eating and milkshakes, we went to the beach again, but a different part of it this time. The three of us walked and played and splashed and skipped stones and built sand…things…for the better part of four hours before heading back to Siân’s. Then we sort of had a sleepover party with movies and stuff.

Day 3 started calm. It was still sunny and we were counting ourselves pretty lucky, but we stayed in for most of the morning so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. In the afternoon we walked to the train station and Harvey’s train was delayed so we sat on the platform and played simple games like MASH and I Spy until it came.

I didn’t take pictures on Day 3 so here’s a van from Day 1.

We went to town after Harvey had left and looked in more charity shops (I think I’m addicted now) and in cute little boutiques and stores where we would never in a million years buy anything, like a high-end furniture store, but it was nice to go and look around anyway.

This is from Day 2.

That night we stayed up and talked until about 4am. And everyone knows the best conversations happen in the darkest hours of the day. The birds were chirping when we finally went to sleep. It was awesome.


Day 4 was the first non-sunny weather. It was raining and we did a lot of dog-petting before we left so I could catch my train. That was the end of my first trip to Bournemouth. However, it will most definitely not be my last trip to Bournemouth. Not if I can help it.



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