The weather is getting warmer, but not quite warm enough to go jacket-less yet. I like this outfit for the girly-rocker vibe and it would work for casual wear or as a fancier outfit. This outfit could easily be dressed up with some heels, a neutral lipstick, and maybe a different necklace.

IMG_5169You probably can’t tell, but this outfit is a bit different from any other. I actually bought my shirt, skirt, and jacket at charity shops! Thus the title, because I got it on a student budget.

The shirt is from COS, and I found a similar one on the site for £29. I got mine (and three others like it, one identical and two in a darker shade of grey) for £3.75 (each). The skirt is from Uniqlo where skirts range from £19.90 to £49.90 (£9.90 for some on sale). Mine was £2.49. Finally, the jacket was from Mint Velvet where a jacket like this would be around £109. I got it for £6. I’ve been lusting after Mint Velvet clothes since a shop opened in Winchester but I’ve never been able to afford anything of theirs until this jacket!

So an outfit that should have cost £163 ($299.51CAD) give or take, actually cost me £12.24 ($22.49CAD). I love the magic of charity shops. (Also, thanks to Siân for taking me to the charity shop where I found the skirt!)

As for the rest of my outfit, the socks are from Primark and the shoes from New Look. My necklace is from Brandy Melville, the bracelet was a Christmas present my mom got me from Pandora, and the lipstick is from TopShop (as you can see in the photos).

So what do you think? Would you wear it? Would you pay for it at full price? Is there anything you’d change? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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P.S. I’m trying out the slideshow feature. Should I keep it or go back to how things were before?


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