What a week it’s been. And here I thought the biggest thing this week would be that I’ve finally finished university. No more assignments due. No more reason to be here except that my flight doesn’t leave for another month.

I’ve never wanted to be home while still in Winchester as much as I do now. Travelling is great, meeting new friends, learning new things, but you can’t be in two places at once and home won’t freeze while you’re gone. Everything keeps going without you, and you miss out on a lot. That’s the tradeoff.

I’ve loved my time here in England. Absolutely loved it, with the exception of my second semester in first year, which I only kind of liked. Winchester is a beautiful little town with great history and friendly people. But I do feel like it doesn’t have anything left to offer me. If I ever become a millionaire and could live anywhere in the world, I would not choose Winchester, although I would definitely visit. I’ve outgrown it, and I’m working on finding my next challenge. Right now, I’m thinking Toronto, although Vancouver is also on the list.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, I’m going home…

…in a month.


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