I got really bored today, which scares me because if I can’t deal with one day in Winchester without university work, how am I going to deal with A WHOLE MONTH???

Everybody else was doing it…

It’s not like I wasn’t doing anything. I met up with a friend, took a walk around town, took a cliché picture of myself with my ECP/dissertation/thesis in front of the university sign, played the piano for three hours, got food…but I still got so bored.


Winchester Cathedral

Part of that was because my laptop had been misbehaving this morning so I decided to shut it off for the day to give it time to think about what it did wrong. I also left my iPad because I couldn’t be bothered (Look at me and my British phrases!) and my iPod was stolen in IKEA oh-so-long-ago so I haven’t got one of those. My cellphone is one of those Nokia bricks you could build a house with, so I didn’t even bother finding it, much less taking it with me.

The graveyard next door to campus. People walk through it constantly.

This could be looked at as a learning experience. What did people do in the “Before” times? Hang out with friends? Check. Go for a walk? Check. Play an instrument? Check. Read a book? Well, all my books are on my iPad. Write? I’m a writer after all, but writing my projects are on my laptop.

P.S. Does the outfit look familiar?

I’m going to need more ideas if I’m going to survive until June.


And here’s some piano stuff since I mentioned it.


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