My last morning in Winchester was nowhere near as stressful as my first night, and I think it really shows how far I’ve come. A friend gave me and my four bags a ride to the coach stop, and when we were an hour early, he bought me breakfast in a nearby café.

I took the coach to London Victoria, and when I got there I only worried about figuring out where I needed to go and how I was going to get there with three suitcases and an overnight bag for about ten seconds before a guy with a thing on wheels offered to take my suitcases and show me exactly where I needed to go for £3. In my situation, well worth it. After forty minutes, I took a second coach to a tube station where I met up with my friend Siân who was able to help me out with my suitcases. From there we found our hostel where we checked in and dropped off most of our stuff before heading out to explore London.


It was already the afternoon, so we decided to go to the Tate Modern (which is free, if you’re ever in London and have nothing to do). We were in there for hours and hours, but I didn’t take pictures. Instead, we just admired the art and relaxed, free of responsibilities for a while and enjoying each other’s company. I think we were there for four or five hours.

Tate Modern
An artist decided to paint the old gum on the bridge between the Tate Modern and St. Paul’s.

We went to Piccadilly Circus and spent over an hour looking for somewhere to have dinner before settling for an Italian place. After dinner we walked to Green Park.



Excuse the quality. All these pictures were taken on my iPad.

We chilled there for a while, which is easy to do in such a beautiful place. Then  we did some more walking and ended up in front of a relatively empty Buckingham Palace. There we chilled some more, and just sat and talked for a while.


It was nice to have light until around nine or ten. All in all, it was a pretty chill day.



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