It’s raining, it’s pouring, the day was far from boring.

I had no class today. We were supposed to use the time to write our essays, due next week. Instead, I slept in, posted the Supergirl blog post, took a shower, had lunch, worked on developing a character for a little while (more on that later) and then realized I was running late for a job interview.

Oh yeah, I got a job offer today.

I knew there was no way I would be able to walk to the interview and be on time, so I tried to take the bus. I was a tiny bit late anyway. Still, I think it went well. There were two interviewers, and they were interviewing me and another girl for the same job. We did some simple math and took a look at where we were would work if we got the job. Answered a few questions, nothing too difficult. Afterwards I was on my way back and stopped in a store which was basically half asian food market and half restaurant. I was thirsty, and I liked their drinks.

As I was paying, I struck up a conversation with the owner. I’ve been in his shop several times over the years and he’s a pretty outgoing guy. I thought it was going to be a quick “Hey, how are you?” and maybe some “No, I’m Canadian”. But he learned that I’m doing Creative Writing and that I knew some vietnamese (he’s from Vietnam), and then he asked me if I’d had dinner yet (I hadn’t) and because he liked me (apparently he does this a lot) he gave me a whole meal on the house. It was delicious. Not the first time I’ve eaten there either. Sometimes I feel like having a home cooked vietnamese meal and that’s pretty much the only place in town to get one.

I didn't have my umbrella with me...
I didn’t have my umbrella with me…

While I ate, he kept the conversation going. He asked if I was looking for a job, and I told him I just came from an interview. He said if I didn’t get it, he’d take me on. If I did get it, he’d still take me on but with less hours. Awesome. And then he started telling me about his life and experiences, and he gave me so much advice for pretty much every situation that exists. He had a lot to say and it was all incredibly interesting, I never got bored! Eventually, his employees left, and he had to close shop, and then we went for coffee (which was actually tea) and talked some more. Then he gave me a ride back because it was raining pretty hard.

We talked for six hours in total. It was great. I’ve been here for over two years, I’ve seen him and greeted him every time I visited his store, and only now do I actually know his name, much less everything else.

It’s strange to think about how many people you could be friends with if you just start a conversation. We walk past strangers every day and each of them has an interesting life, secret talents, personal problems, friends and family. We’re all temporarily occupying this beautiful rock we call a planet, but then we make connections with each other and suddenly the world is beautiful and life is full of meaning. Suddenly, it isn’t just bearable, but enjoyable.

I encourage you to go and start a conversation with someone you normally wouldn’t. Maybe someone you see a lot but never talk to, or maybe a friend you haven’t spoken with in ages. It might not go anywhere, but it also might, and isn’t it worth finding out?


2 thoughts on “Making Conversation

  1. Well done on the job offers, that’s great news!! And knowing that you’ve got one in the bag already without even needing an interview is even better. Still, best of luck for the one you interviewed for, too. I hope it went well 🙂

    You’re right, it is weird how many people we could get along with if only we said hello and got a conversation going. I’ve thought the same thing loads of times since I often see the same people on my bus or on the way into work. Sometimes when I keep seeing the same person around town I wonder if we’re actually supposed to be friends, hence why I keep spotting them. After all, out of all these people going about their daily routine I noticed *them*. Not that other guy or some other woman. But you know how it is, people have agendas and stuff to get to. There’s never time to just stop and start a really awkward conversation with a stranger about how you should totally be friends.

    Maker, life is weird.

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