Wow. I did not expect to be busy once back. The complete opposite, actually. The majority of my friends reside in other countries and I thought my social life would sag, at least at first. You always hear about people having trouble meeting up with existing friends and making new friends after university. Thankfully, I have a huge extended family and there’s always something going on. So I’ll try my best to catch you up to what I’ve been doing since getting back. 

I got back nearly three weeks ago. I already had a job lined up, but the first few days were mainly just settling in and chilling with my dog, Foxy.

She’s so weird.

My first days of work were on my first weekend back. It’s this half-boutique, half-coffee shop with all Canadian, mostly Calgarian companies. It’s new and small, and I really like it. It’s called Greater Goods.


I’ve spent more time with my siblings, too. They live primarily at my mom’s and I’m primarily at my dad’s so I still don’t see them as often as I did before university, but that’s okay.


My brother had an improv show that I went to.


But I think this past week has been more interesting than the rest. On Wednesday after work, some of my cousins, my sister and I went to a local eatery called Regrub that has made itself locally Instagram famous. You can see why below. We went longboarding along the river after. It was my first time on a longboard and I fell on my ass at least once. I lost my board at least twice.

My stomach made a noise as I uploaded this picture.
Ignore the “chat”. Yes, I got this off of Snapchat. BTW, I have Snapchat now. imiller27
Kind of tilted which is uncharacteristic for my pics, but keep in mind I was just trying to think about how to survive one of these things.
On the Peace Bridge. I remember when this bridge was made, everyone was crying foul over the money spent on it, but now I love it.

I’ve been taken aback by how beautiful my country is. I never really noticed as much as I do now. This, for example, was taken on the way to work.


Yesterday there was a big party for George and Hilda’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. George and Hilda are the couple who sponsored all sixteen of my mom’s family to come to Canada after the Vietnam war thirty-ish years ago. My grandparents, their twelve kids, and two grandkids. Our family’s grown quite a bit since and all of it is thanks to them. It was good to get our families together to celebrate. Bonus: It was at a beautiful venue.

That’s my cousin, Leslie. Now that I’m home, you’ll probably be seeing her a lot.



You can click on this or open in a new tab for the full experience.

After that, I went with my mom to church. I’m not a church-goer so I stayed in the car, but they had for afterwards and it was good. I know it looks a bit like a strange mix, especially if you aren’t familiar with Vietnamese food, but just take my word for it. It was good.


I’ve also managed to find time between jobs and family to set up with friends. On Friday I did crafts with my friend Liv, who goes to Winchester for university like I did! In fact, she’s been in posts before.


I also met up with my friend Hannah. We’ve been friends since the sixth grade. We can be very different from each other, but it’s one of those opposites attract situations.

So yeah, I’ve been busy. I can’t even fit everything into this uber-long post. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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