Well, I don’t have any school to go back to in September. I thought I might take some classes but that’s not looking like it’ll happen until May. I’ve got a part-time job, but as stated, it’s only part-time. So what will I do the rest of the time?

Before I started this blog, I did Film Studies combined with Creative Writing in my first year. I switched over to Creative Writing full-time after that first year because Film Studies was not quite what I had expected. Some of it was, but most of it wasn’t.

So I dropped my other love, the love for acting and films, in pursuit of writing and publishing. I thought the internal battle between these two loves was finally over. I had made a choice and I wasn’t going back. I stopped acting in university productions, stopped auditioning for other things, stopped making youtube videos even. But then, in a Creative Writing class, I tried my hand at scriptwriting.

I was terrible.

But I loved it.

That was in the first semester of my second year. The next semester, I tried it again, but this time with group members. I did a lot better, improving by 10%. This, I thought, was because of my group-mates/friends (and in-part, it was). Alone, I was terrible. Together, we were great. But neither of my teammates signed up for scriptwriting in the third year. Unlike me, they hadn’t fallen in love with it. So I started yet another scriptwriting class, and although we had the option of working in groups or partners again, this time I went at it alone. I had something to prove to myself. I had to prove I could do it on my own.

Thus, I got the highest mark I’ve ever had in university.

The next semester was a bit different. More about the plotting than anything. I had to think of my story from different angles and improve upon my original success. I got my grade back for that one a few days ago. My second-highest mark in university by one percent.

And now? After I was sure I’d go into publishing (I’m still not sure I won’t), I’m writing scripts. I don’t know if they’ll go anywhere, I don’t know if they’re any good, but I’ve got scripts and a camera and a love for what I’m doing.

It’s a starting point.


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