I broke a record last month: The fewest blog posts posted in a single month since I started. It was two. Pitiful.

Anyway, I’ve had an influx of new followers, and assuming most of you aren’t bots, I think I’ll do a little introduction.

Hello! My name is Ivy. Here is what I look like:

As of right now, I am twenty-two years old and working in retail (basically full-time).

I started this blog almost two years ago (PW’s birthday is in 2 days!) when I was in my second year of university in England. I made this blog partly to write about my adventures abroad and partly because I’d always wanted a blog. I wasn’t so sure I could keep it going longer than a week, but as you can see, I’ve done okay so far.


In April I graduated and after three years of living alone in another country, I came back to my hometown Calgary in Canada where I live with my dog and my dad, sometimes my little brother, and my little sister sleeps over on occasion. Sometimes it feels like I’m still in England because I hardly see them. But it was bound to happen sooner or later. Life, I mean. Siblings don’t generally live together forever.

So now I’m trying to navigate adulthood. I guess I’m technically an adult. Just last week I was mistaken for fifteen and the week before two people thought I was younger than my seventeen-year-old sister, but yes. I am (sort of) an adult. And I’m home, though it feels kind of foreign now. I also left a lot of friends behind in England.

That’s the Precarious part.

The Writing part is that I write. My degree is in Creative Writing, I love books, and I’ve been writing since I was fourteen. It’s constantly there in the back of my mind, reminding me of all my unfinished projects. Plus, obviously, posts like this one involve writing. So there’s that.

What is Precarious Writer as a blog? Well, here’s my past-self to tell you:

"This blog is not dedicated to one of my interests: it is dedicated to all of them. If I get bored of something I’ll move on, but I’ll still post here about my new interests whatever they may be. That way, I’ll always have something to write about—at least, that’s the plan." 
— This is my First Post (Dec. 5th, 2014)

If you’re new, or old but haven’t been by for a while, go ahead and click around my blog. Some of my most-liked posts are to the right there so you can read those if you’d like. Otherwise, I’ll write something new soon and thanks for following.

By the way, if you want me to answer any questions, go ahead and put them in the comments below. Or if you’d prefer something a little more discreet, try my contact page.


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