Updates That Came To Mind

My schedule goes a bit haywire during breaks from school. There’s no regular schedule anymore, so on a day like today I’ll just stay home and play computer games with messy hair and glasses and tomorrow I’ll have a dentist appointment, catch up over coffee with an old high school teacher, and then go to a job interview for a job I’m not sure I want.


It can be the most awkward thing running into someone from high school who you don’t really know well enough to say hi to. That happened today as I was window shopping while waiting for my dog Foxy to  receive her annual grooming. She came out of it looking like a big pom-pom, like the kind kids use in their school projects.

Coming in Summer 2015

My summer schedule is quickly filling up. Not only am I still working on my bedroom, looking at possible summer jobs, and hoping to fit in some classes, but there’s also the possibility of a few day trips, some camping, and other summer-y things. There should be no shortage of things to blog about this summer.

There are going to be some great films that I look forward to seeing and possibly reviewing. I might also have some spare time for books. I’ve got a long list of novels to read and it’s a list that’s only going to get longer. During term time I don’t normally have the time or opportunity to read books that aren’t on my reading list, so I try to take advantage of breaks.

I want to say more, but I’ve been going to bed at a decent time for nearly a week now and it’s a streak that I want to keep going, so I’ll say good night. Until tomorrow!

Friends and Family

I'm just going to litter this post with pictures of my brother and me.
I’m just going to litter this post with pictures of my little brother and me.

I was trying so hard to get used to the idea of my little brother getting older. For the past three months I was going around in a stupor, repeating to myself “Bub’s going to be twelve soon. Bub’s going to be twelve soon.” I convinced myself of it. Then I got home and discovered he was only going to be eleven and I picked him up in a huge hug and yelled “Thank god! You’re too little to be big!”

Spring Break

Now that all but one of my assignments are handed in, I have an entire month of getting a taste of what it’s like to live on my own. For a month, I will be living in a mostly empty flat (I think one of my flatmates is still here, but I’ve yet to see her, only hear her) and cooking for myself and coming up with ways to spend my time, like writing posts for this blog.

Today’s Easter Sunday, so pretty much everything is closed. It hasn’t been very sunny either. So I’m stuff in the flat, maybe dancing around my room (which I’m excited to show you later this week), trying on outfits (you’ll see some of those, too), experimenting with makeup (you don’t want to see that) and other stuff to keep myself occupied. I finally have time to read and I’m almost done The Book Thief (finally!). I’m also going to brush up on my french for Paris (yay! Paris!) and write. Write, write, write.

This is the life. Even if it’s just for a month, this is the life.

Character Flaw

You know when you look up a word and find the definition and then YOU START TO SEE IT EVERYWHERE. Before, it was just a word, but then you became aware of it, you understood it, and it ruined your life.

I’ve recently discovered it’s a lot worse when you become aware of something about yourself. When I write, I tend to focus too much on balance. I make sure there aren’t too many similar words too close together, or too much drama following too much flatness, or not enough flatness between two dramas. I nitpick, I examine details, I study the inner workings and all the things that aren’t noticed, but would be missed if they were gone. I am not very good at looking at the bigger picture. It’s my biggest character flaw. As you can imagine, this flaw affects my writing quite a bit. It helps it, too, but more recently it’s been more of a hindrance.

Yesterday I reached Chapter 200 of the first draft of a book I’ve been writing for three years. I’m going so slowly with this thing because I write the unimportant details that I know I’ll cut later on, but I write them anyway. Things are not going well at this rate.

Anyway, I’ll elaborate later. Maybe. If I remember.

Another Bad Day?

No. Actually, today was fucking awesome. I got up early, took a shower, cleaned my room a bit, printed out my homework and even had time to grab breakfast all before class. And my alarm clock was doing the thing where the little hammer gets stuck and it doesn’t ring at all, so I could’ve been really late this morning, but for some reason I woke up at the exact time I set my alarm clock for.


I have an issue to talk about today: Censorship. Not like the North Korea kind. My kind. How much should I censor myself?

Occasionally, there is swearing on this blog. Nothing crazy, but it happens. I don’t add stars to it either. There’s no such thing as f*ck. Vowels are important and shouldn’t be left out. If anyone has a problem with my swearing on this blog, I don’t care. It’s my blog. That’s the beauty of having my own blog; I can say whatever I want on here.

Can’t I?