A Day in Kananaskis

I’ve gotta say, filming vlogs every day for my month in Vietnam last summer was one of the best things I could have done in order to learn vlogging and figure out my new camera.

Montreal Day 2: Barbie Expo

I set off about an hour later than I did on day one, due to yesterday’s post going up kind of…late? Early? Both?

Anyway, I didn’t have breakfast and reached Centre Ville around lunchtime, so I went to the second of three places I knew I wanted to eat at. I went to the bagel place on Day 1 and this day I went to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Old Town called Lov. 

Paris Day 1: The Churches

The fountains in front of the basilica. Outfit of the Day: Dress – TopShop, Sneakers – Converse, Watch – Topshop, Scrunchie – New Look, Sunglasses – A vintage shop in Winchester called Fab Vintage (I think), Purse – A shop here in Paris called Miss Coquines.

Sarah and I had not planned to visit two cathedrals today; it just kind of happened. And the best part? They were both free!

Arriving in Paris

Gare du Nord – Northern Station where the Eurostar dropped us off.

Today I arrived in Paris, France, fresh off the Eurostar.

My friend Sarah and I arrived at the station just before 3pm and spent a bit too much time wandering around in the vague direction of our hostel. We hoped we’d come across it by accident and did 180ºs when it felt like we were too far off track. It worked.