Sometimes I stop and think, do I have too much on my plate? Am I too busy?

And then I add something big to my To-Do list.

I’ve had a lot of goals for my third and final year of university, and my last year in England:

  • Do more travelling before I leave; I haven’t seen much of the UK yet believe it or not.
  • Along the same lines, do more stuff. Paragliding, canoeing, tree climbing, etc.
  • Stay fit and healthy.
  • Do well in school. Never be late for classes and be on good terms with profs (both are easier said than done).
  • Hang out with friends as much as I can before I leave again. An active social life is exhausting, but it’s my last chance.
  • Work on my Books and take advantage of having profs who know what they’re talking about while I still can.
  • Finish the screenplay I started over the summer.
  • Get a job.
  • Keep blogging. Aim for a post a day and hopefully I’ll get at least a post a week done.
  • Take care of myself. Make sure I’m not stressing too much. I’m in university in Engalnd. If it’s not enjoyable, what was the point?
  • Do a good job of running the Writers’ Society.

If you’re looking at that list thinking, wow that’s a lot of stuff, congratulations. You’re a sane person.

I came up with that list way back in September and forgot to post it. A few things can already be checked off, but I think I’ll post it now and come the end of my third year, I can revisit this and see if I’ve made myself proud.

Any suggestions as to what else I should consider? Comment below and don’t forget to like!

Thanks for reading!



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