Montreal Day 3: Art, Good and Bad

I think we all know by now that I kind of love art museums. I lost count of how many I went to in Paris and my friend practically had to drag me out of one in Chester when, after two hours, I'd only seen the first two of five floors. One of the reasons … Continue reading Montreal Day 3: Art, Good and Bad


Montreal Day 1: Bagels and Murals

OK so I've got pictures on my camera of my recent adventures BUT I forgot the little cord that gets pictures from my camera to my laptop. So here are the pictures I took on my phone instead. MONTREAL, I AM IN YOU! This wasn't today and I'm not posting the days in order because … Continue reading Montreal Day 1: Bagels and Murals

Inspiration: Book Covers

Unsatisfied with my design education (though keep in mind I've only been in school for 10 weeks out of 52), I spent my weekend watching videos, reading books, and researching graphic design, in particular, typography and book covers.   In class we're working on html and we all created our own websites (yes, another) and one … Continue reading Inspiration: Book Covers