I was supposed to write this and post it on Sunday. I tried writing it again yesterday. Both times I got sidetracked by an assignment which has now been handed in, so I have nothing left to distract me.

On Saturday, Pat took me to Oxford as a Christmas present. Yeah. I know. I’ll never be able to top it.

This is Pat, by the way:


You may recognize him from this post back when we were just friends. He’s my boyfriend now. (Surprise, Mom and Dad! *waves*)

Oxford was beautiful. It was first established around the year 900, which means it’s really, really, really old. A little bit older than my guess (1000) and a lot older than Pat’s guess (1400-ish).

Not that it matters or anything.

Okay, where to start?


I’ll remember Oxford for Pat. I mean, the buildings were beautiful and the town was lively and the trees had character, but Pat made the trip. We walked around all day, just talking, and even when there was no talking I was never bored.

He’s going to read this later and it’ll be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said and I won’t even be there to see his face.


There was a mound that you had to pay a pound to walk up.


There were old castle-buildings all over the place.


This one looked cooler in black and white.

Some parts of the city looked like this:


And others like this:


And yet others like this:


It’s one of those places that is different everywhere you turn. There’s a mix of old and new and it’s always interesting.


There was some amazing architecture going on.


We looked around parts of Oxford University and it felt like Hogwarts in real life.


In fact, they filmed bits of the Harry Potter movies here.


It’s difficult to convey how beautiful everything was just through pictures, but I’m trying.


Can you imagine going to school in a place like this? (Unless you do, in which case good for you.)


There was inspiration everywhere. So many things to write into stories.


See? The trees are so cool!


Thanks, Pat. I’ll definitely remember this.


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