Oh dear, has it been six days already? My break will be over before I know it!

Like every university student, the first couple of days after my break were spent in bed with my laptop, just happy to be done. I allowed myself the indulgence, but I’m trying to pick myself back up now. I’m trying to find things to do besides buy takeout and watch TV. Today was the first day of that.

Spring in Winchester. Flowers on a hill with an old building at the top.

The thing about not having to be up early is, well, I’m not up early. Even if I set an alarm, I’ll know there’s nothing to get up for. To get things done, I have to draw up a list. Things like, “Send edits to friend” and “Write 500 words of parody assignment”. I got about half my list done today, but my list was meant to last the entire week and some things will go on again for tomorrow, so this is good.

I’m having to rely on myself for food, which is fine because I have the kitchen to myself now. I’m trying to eat healthier (and cheaper) and go to the gym more (Technically “more” could be like, once a month. I’ll leave that open for interpretation.) and go outside and do stuff.

The cemetery I’ve walked through hundreds of times only gets more beautiful in Spring.

What I should also be doing is writing. It’s on my list, but everything else somehow seems more desirable than writing. It’s always like that when I’ve stopped for a few days until I actually get started again and then I think, I love this. Writing rocks! But then I stop again and I forget again.

But I’ll write tomorrow. For sure. And here’s a blog post to ease myself back into it.


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