When I last updated you guys on my room at my mom’s, it was in this post. Well, I’ve made a few changes since, and I think this is as close to done as it’ll ever get. And you know what? I like it.



For my workspace, I got my desk from Ikea during their back to school desk sale. The chair I believe was from Jysk and I got it as a Christmas gift from my mom. The desk lamp I found off of Facebook Marketplace for $7. The garbage can was just an extra one we had. The candle is from Indigo and I think it was around $20-ish bucks?


The wire grid and accompanying copper clips I got from a Christmas gift exchange from my cousin.  The faux eucalyptus branch was something like $6 from Ikea and I love the freshness and earthiness it adds to the space. I didn’t want to have to deal with any real plants since I’m only at my mom’s half the time. On the wire grid, I have a couple of pictures from the photo booth at the New Central Library here in Calgary, a picture of my friends from England, and a ticket stub from a visit to my favourite museum, Musée D’Orsay.


I got this little bench at Ikea for $90. It was meant as entryway storage for shoes and such, but it fits perfectly beneath my window and was made for sitting, too. I had a window seat in my childhood bedroom and now I’ve got one again.


On the other end of my room is the Ikea dresser I got from Facebook Marketplace for $84. On the right I have my filing box and recycling, because I wasn’t sure where else to put them. I think I’ve relocated them to my closet since this was taken, though.


On the right is a mirror I got at Jysk for $15. I like that it hangs on the door so it doesn’t take up space and also doesn’t require putting holes in the wall, which my mom is glad about. However, if you’re planning to hang something like the skull picture I got as a birthday present from my sister, do it properly. Because I tried to hang it with command hooks and it was a bit too heavy to stay up for that. Now I gotta fix the wall, which isn’t much a problem except that my mom doesn’t know what paint colour she chose.


The lamp is from Ikea, $10, the little fake plant is from HomeSense, $10, and the jewellery box was off of Amazon, $26.


My bed frame is pretty simple, and also from Ikea although I was a kid when we got it and it’s since been discontinued, so I don’t know how much it was. I kept the bedding simple and all the white was from Ikea. The throw at the end was from Chapters, I think for about $20 with the purchase of other things.


Above my bed as an easy little personalized decoration. I clipped a bunch of little keepsakes to a ribbon along the wall.


I’ll do a post soon about each of the little things I have on here.



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