Spring Break

Oh dear, has it been six days already? My break will be over before I know it!

Like every university student, the first couple of days after my break were spent in bed with my laptop, just happy to be done.  Continue reading “Spring Break”


What an incredible day.

So today I had my second-last class. It was a celebration with food and stuff and people would go up and read poems or bits of their stories or sing songs they wrote, and we all talked and said goodbye and everything. It was great. Continue reading “Outstanding”

Forget Home

It’s easier to forget that I have another life on the other side of the ocean than to admit I’ve been neglecting that life. I’ve spoken more french over the last year than I have spoken to my mom at all. It’s only now, with a week of classes left to my entire university experience that I’m being forced to see how much damage I’ve done to my home life.  Continue reading “Forget Home”

Writing Influences

In class this week we were thinking about what makes us the kind of writers we are. This was good timing because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the writer I am, the writer I want to be, and the writer I will most likely end up being. All three are fairly different from each other, considering they’re all me, but I guess it’s hard to imagine the future. It’s easier to look back at what got me here. Continue reading “Writing Influences”

I’m Back

I haven’t been blogging all that much this past week, or the week before, but I have reasons! I spent the last week of February sick and feeling sorry for myself, and the first week of March getting over it and working on my ECP/dissertation/thesis. I’m done now, and I’ve printed it all off and had it bound before I sent it into the void to be marked, hoping it will never return. Continue reading “I’m Back”

Why You Should Avoid All Emails

Sequel to Why You Should Proofread Emails.

Oh my god, will I never figure out this email thing?

The first true story I ever put up on this blog was Why You Should Proofread Emails and while I haven’t exactly repeated the mistakes of the past, I managed to mess up pretty big anyhow.

Continue reading “Why You Should Avoid All Emails”

Blast: Friday Sep 20, 2013

I’m starting a new thing called Blasts (past+blogs=blasts It was either that or “pogs”). I’ll find something I wrote before this blog existed and post it here. Just thinking about it, I think a lot of these will pass as blog posts, just older.

Continue reading “Blast: Friday Sep 20, 2013”