I’m starting a new thing called Blasts (past+blogs=blasts It was either that or “pogs”). I’ll find something I wrote before this blog existed and post it here. Just thinking about it, I think a lot of these will pass as blog posts, just older.

So I was going through some old emails and found this that I’d sent to my sister. I wrote it in my first week at university:

My classes don’t start until Monday, but I have induction meetings which are like the first day of school when they go over what the course is going to be about and what is expected of you and stuff. There was an international party I went to on Wednesday. Yesterday, I went on a Ghost Tour in town with a new friend from Malaysia. On Sunday I went into town for the first time and got a London-y mug with BigBen on it and stuff. I’m going to London on Sunday. I made an appointment to open a bank account on Wednesday.

Today I have an Induction Meeting for Creative writing and I had one for Film yesterday. I wasn’t sure about film, because I like acting and my YouTube videos aren’t the best, but after going to the meeting, I so excited to get started!

There was a writing workshop on Wednesday morning where we came up for an idea for a movie about a famous person. Our group got Albert Einstein and somehow, he turned into an alien from outer space who was kicked off the planet for being too dumb. Then he steals Hitler’s girlfriend which is why Hitler starts killing Jews and Albert Einstein is used by the Americans to make the Atom Bomb which ended the War and then he went back to his planet with his girlfriend and is like, “I discovered women!” so they let him back in, the end.

I bought highlighters and sticky notes. I accidentally got more sticky notes than I needed, oh well. I also got three books for Creative writing. I need to get two more for film, but they’re expensive so I think I’ll wait until after I get my bank card.

I went to a Stand Up Comedy show with a couple of friends from Norway on Tuesday. The announcer was good, and then there were three comedians, each a bit better than the last. I got a bit bored and then I started falling asleep! The second comedian was making some joke about “love and death” and I’m nodding off and then I hear, “IS SHE FALLING ASLEEP?!?!?!”

I was like 😳 “Not anymore!” But I was too tired to say that so instead I was like, “Jet lag.”

So he’s like, “Where’re you from?”


“Canada. You’re from Canada. You left the beautiful mountains and maple trees, to come to Winchester?”

Everyone laughs. I nod.

He asked, “What are you studying?”

“Creative Writing and Film Studies.”


And I’m like, what?

“Love and Death! Just like I said!”

And then he didn’t bother me again for the rest of the show. No one did, but I tried harder to stay awake in case someone caught me again.

Okay, I typed that this morning and then I stopped to take a shower because I had an induction meeting at nine and then I went to that and then I had brunch and then I talked with a friend and then I got my laptop, went to the learning cafe, ordered a chocolate chip cookie and strawberry milkshake and now I’m here because I thought there’d be better internet here, but there’s not. Seriously, this internet sucks. So does the milkshake, but the cookie was good.

I’m really excited about my classes!


Here’s a picture from that international party:

I’m the one with the Canada flag in my ponytail.

And here’s a picture of me with the Malaysian friend on the ghost tour:


And here we are last week along with more friends, including two from the international party. The four of us have gotten really close since that party.



On the other hand, that comedy show was the first and last time I spoke with the Norwegian friends I went with.

My, how things have changed. And my, how they’ve stayed the same.


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