So this is a little different from my I’m a Model post. The model bit was a one-time thing that happened by accident. Whereas acting I’ve been wanting to do since forever.

Now I can officially say I’m an actress.

Well, I guess I could have said it a while ago, like when I was twelve and I attended a two-week acting camp that became the start. We had a show at the end and I loved it, my god I loved it.

Or when I got my first role from an actual audition and not just a play at the end of a class. It was my first year of university and I went to an audition for a play about Percy and Mary Shelley. But everyone had English accents and I didn’t and everyone was caucasian and I wasn’t, so I didn’t get that. But from that audition, the Assistant director offered me a role in a different play he happened to be directing, and that was so much fun even though I messed up in one of the four shows we did. Nobody noticed.

As Eleanor

Or maybe my first on-screen role, which happened in my last year of university. It was a short film and making it was a party where we were all friends and we were stuck in a house together for hours on end.

As Sarah

But I feel like I only really started submitting myself for auditions at the beginning of February. Over the whole month, I had four auditions, which is pretty good considering I was out of town for a week in the middle. One of the auditions was a play which I didn’t get. The other three were short films, and I got all three!

As Megan

Megan, Maggie, and Mia. Those are my characters. Despite their names, they’re all so different from one another. I finished filming for Megan last week. Rehearsal for Maggie starts today and filming starts tomorrow. It’ll be the first indie production at the Calgary Film Centre, and I’m so excited to be part of it. In a couple of weeks I’ll be out of town for a few days to film Mia. I only auditioned for her Monday and found out I got it yesterday, so she’s the one I know the least about, but I’m definitely excited.

Of course acting, like writing, is a precarious profession. I may have gotten these three in one month, but might not get any more roles for the next year. Hopefully that isn’t the case, but it could happen.

Actually, I’m thinking about it now and no, that could never happen. Because even if I didn’t land a single audition for a year, I plan to write my own films and make things with friends, so I’ll still be in films and such.

The past month has been a huge confidence boost. It’s nice to feel good at something I love.


4 thoughts on “I’m an Actress

  1. When a director likes your audition enough to cast you in a separate project because he couldn’t fit you in the play you went for, you MUST be doing something right. I hope you keep getting work — you’re so persistent, you deserve it!

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